Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is centered on providing lasting solutions to the issues directly affecting quality health care delivery in the Nigerian health industry.

We aim to provide the most effective solutions at the most affordable prices. In doing this we place emphasis on the following: MANPOWER, TECHNOLOGY, PATIENT CARE and ADMINISTRATION


A major differentiating factor between us and other providers in the industry is our methodologies in assembling only highly competent and experienced professionals as part of our team.

Not only this, we  have proven our commitment to quality service and timely tests delivery by having highly experienced in-house Pathologists, Radiologists and Cardiologist with  a combined work experience of over 100 years as part of our medical team, making us a one- stop solution center to all our patients.


Our business is powered by an integrated technology platform that allows our operational processes to be nothing short of best International standards. All our information is updated in real time to the cloud thus preventing data loss in any case of disaster.

MRI carousel

Our machinery are of very high industry standards to
accurate and timely results. They are sourced
from top manufacturers
in the world like
Abbott, ERBA, Helena and GE


  • CT Scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine
  • Digital X-Ray Machine
  • Ultrasound Scan/Colour Doppler Machine
  • Mammography Machine
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) Machine, Threadmill Machine
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) Machine
  • Echocardiography Machine
  • Optometry Eye Machine
  • Pathology Equipment


  • 24 hours availability of provider staff at all our facilities nation wide
  • Efficient 24 hour emergency system
  • Free outdoor pick-up of samples and delivery of results
  • Regular training for all provider staff to upgrade existing protocol and skills to meet best practices worldwide
  • Regular Patient Satisfaction Survey to measure level of satisfaction and identify areas of improvement
  • Annual Monitoring and Evaluation of all our units with selected quality control tools
  • Dedicated Research, Development and Strategy unit to ensure our practices are up to date with International practice
  • Effective feedback mechanism from our patients
  • Regular health education to our patients
  • Dedicated and efficient customer contact center
  • Regular discount schemes to encourage savings on our health services