There is a saying that goes, “health is not valued until sickness comes”. Everyone enjoys good health, but most people tend to take their health for granted because they are yet to fall sick. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Rather than sitting still, waiting for an illness to strike, you should always get regular health checks to stay well and experience life in the best way possible.

health checks

What are Medical Checkups?

Medical checkups are tests carried out by medical professionals to evaluate your health. Some of the tests involved are the liver function tests, the lipid profile test, fasting blood sugar test, thyroid function test, and the hormonal test to mention a few.

The process of a checkup consists of a series of procedures that provide valuable details on the parts of your body that may require attention because of a health-related issue. Therefore, they are important in maintaining good health.

Health checks

What are the benefits of health checks?

From monitoring blood pressure to early detection of heart diseases, or other severe health conditions, there are several instances where regular medical checkups have saved the lives of so many people because certain ailments were detected and arrested early.

Here are some reasons why you should fit a regular health check into your schedule.

They help lower the risk of illnesses:

Getting regular medical checkups can help you pick up signs of a serious illness, by making sure your body is perfectly healthy and fine. For example, by undergoing a fasting blood sugar test, you will be able to detect early signs of possible type-2 diabetes.

They can detect stress-related diseases:

There are so many stress-inducing factors that a lot of people are exposed to daily, and some of them can result in diseases or disorders if they are neglected for long. Medical checks are essential in detecting and identifying these stress-related diseases and keeping stress levels in check. 

They help identify chronic illnesses:

Medical checks can help in screening out potential chronic diseases, some of which might not be noticeable by physical symptoms only. For example, through an exam, like a liver function test or a lipid profile test, you will be to spot severe illnesses at an early stage.  

They keep you informed about your health:

Regular medical checks make you more aware of the conditions in your body, or any irregularities so that you can work towards your health goals and make better lifestyle decisions. They can also help you get an early diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening illness and prevent any risks of a complication.

They help reduce hefty healthcare expenses:

If you compare the prices of a regular health checkup to that of getting admitted to a hospital for a chronic illness, you would see that the difference . Medical expenses can easily skyrocket when you face any condition that is already at a very serious stage.  Therefore, it is important to get a regular checkup to prevent and manage any possible illness.

How can you book a Medical Checkup?

The value of preventative health checks such as liver function tests, lipid profile tests, fasting blood sugar tests, thyroid function tests, and hormone tests are very priceless. By keeping a doctor or physician updated on your health status, you can live a healthier life. These days even Covid 19 test has become the part of preventive health checks.

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