Regular Health Destructive Habits

STOP these regular health destructive habits

You may have been doing these unconsciously, thinking no one is looking at Some of these habits may have adverse effects on your health without your knowledge. You will maintain proper hygiene if you cut these habits.

1. Picking of Nose in Public: This is mostly done unconsciously in the public. You can pick your nose and wash your hands in your private and not in the public

2. Sneezing or coughing without a handkerchief or tissue: Using a handkerchief could reduce the viral/bacterial load aerosolized and perhaps significantly reduce the risk of spreading the infection such as tuberculosis and other airborne diseases. Learn to cough or sneeze your upper sleeve, not your hands

3. Probing your fingers inside your ears during irritation: There is nothing more irritating and distracting than an itch in your ear.

Anyone who has ever suffered from this common ailment knows how frustrating it is. It seems as though the only feeling of relief comes from scratching or probing with fingers or q-tips. While this may bring temporary comfort, it is actually a very harmful way to tackle the problem. It is therefore advisable to clean your ears with cotton buds. However, experts have warned excessive cleaning out your ears with cotton buds may also irritate the ear canal, and cause infection

4. Using the restroom without washing of hands: OOOOPS! No Way. This is the one I hate the most. Thorough washing of the hands with soap and water following bathroom use is vital in preventing the spread of hand-foot-mouth diseases. Did you know that hands come in contact with many bacteria and other contaminants when using the restroom?, Touching surfaces touched by other people, handling raw eggs or poultry, or changing a diaper could have serious health effects? If you don’t wash your hands before eating or preparing food you can ingest these bacteria, which could cause severe illnesses.