Commonly referred to as STIs, sexually transmitted infections are infections predominantly passed through sexual contact (vaginal, oral, and anal). Diagnosis of STI is possible with STI testing. Unlike STDs, some of them often have no symptoms and generally can remain dormant for the longest periods without testing. However, if left untreated for long they can sometimes cause cancer and irreparable damages to the reproductive system, affecting one’s ability to have a satisfying sexual life or reproduce.

Although there are many diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact, some of the most common are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, herpes, genital warts, hepatitis B, HIV, HPV, and trichomoniasis.

STI Testing

To help keep individuals in the know of their sexual health and allow for their enjoying a satisfying sexual life, Afriglobal Medicare offers singular STI testing in the form of tests like syphilis tests, hepatitis tests, HIV tests, etc. They also offer complete STD panel testing for investigation.

Of importance is that despite many sexual diseases showing no symptoms and capable of remaining dormant for years, in certain people, symptoms like inflammation, pelvic pain, painful outbreak, meningitis, and bumps can appear. Regardless, a major key to preventing the bulk of the reproductive problems associated with sexual diseases is to carry out regular testing once sexually active.

The types of investigatory test you need to be taking and how regularly, depends on how active you are sexually and how many sexual partners you have. While HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are recommended annually or immediately, if exposed to any harmful sexual practice (without protection), hepatitis, syphilis, and HPV do not require the same regular testing.

STI Testing

Although most of the general public continues to believe sexual diseases are a shame that must be kept in hiding and managed privately, it is important to remember that sexual diseases are very prevalent. In fact, more than 1 million are acquired every day (WHO).

Why choose us for STI testing?

As your diagnostics center, AfriGlobal Medicare prioritizes the privacy of the health of all our clients while also ensuring the speedy delivery of all test results. We provide world -class services for STI testing.

Offering a wide array of testing for blood, urines, and swabs to confirm the presence or absence of a sexual infection in your system, we remain committed to helping you achieve an all-round healthy body. We also provide pap smears, advised for women to protect against cervical cancer, and a full-body profile amongst our many other service offerings.

Asides from regular testing, we will continue to remain committed to advising and informing clients and the general public about the importance of embracing safe sex as it helps in protecting and reducing risks of infections. Also, wherein a sexual relationship with an exclusive partner, we advise both parties to carry out an array of tests to know their sexual status and allow, should they want to- sexual contacts without protection.

Another important consideration is for everyone to always remain proactive about their health, discarding shame and seeking prompt, effective, and proper treatment from a professional.

To check through a list of some of the STI testing we offer CLICK HERE Also, always remember there is no shame in caring for your sexual health, and do not hesitate to walk into any of our centers or book any tests if needed.