Did you hear Nigeria updated Covid-19 Guidelines and the way forward ? As we move into hopefully what will become our last run with the virus, many countries are effecting changes to their COVID-19 rules and regulations. And Nigeria is no exception.

Just recently, on Wednesday the 4th of April 2022, the government, considering the decrease in reports and treatment of the virus, lifted the nationwide curfew that began on the 10th of May, 2021 to prevent the spread of the virus. As per the updated Covid- 19 guidelines ,It also lifted all restrictions on parties, concerts, crowded events, and the compulsory use of face masks in public.

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This is coming right after they announced the non-requirement of PCR tests for fully vaccinated inbound passengers into the country in March, with effect from 4th of April, 2022.

Thus, making our beloved country one of several nations like the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Italy, etc., that no longer require negative COVID test results for vaccinated persons trying to enter or leave their countries.

The Implication- Whether Or Not COVID Testing Remains Important

With the current changes across the world and the non-requirement of negative COVID tests for travel, questions about the usefulness of Covid testing have become rampant. Many even ask if there is any need for it outside its common use as a travel visa.

And to this question, we answer YES.

Whether or not countries require a certificate, COVID-19 testing is essential as it is not for use as a travel certificate alone. It is a crucial telltale tool for our health, enabling us to take adequate care of ourselves upon contact with the virus.

And although there has been a relaxation in the rules and regulations guiding the virus across the world, this act should not be taken to imply a lack of presence of the virus in the world. Vaccination must also not be taken to be an impenetrable shield against the contraction of the virus, as vaccinated persons can still become infected with the virus. This information is present in updated Covid-19 guidelines.

Noteworthy is that many countries (including Nigeria) that have changed the guidelines have expressly stated the importance of individuals continuing to take adequate security measures like masking, social distancing, and COVID testing to keep the virus spread low.

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Also, while some countries have eliminated a negative certificate for entry, many countries insist on a negative certificate regardless of one’s vaccination status for entry into their country. Examples of the latter Countries include the United States, China, Ghana, and India.

Going Forward

As we advance into the future, we urge the general public to continue implementing all COVID-19 protection protocols as per the updated Covid-19 guidelines. If possible, the citizens should get fully vaccinated (it is free) and educate themselves on the virus and ways to protect themselves.

Also, if you suspect an infection or begin to show symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness, loss of smell, difficulty breathing, etc., book a COVID-19 test immediately.

To book your test or contact us for a home sample collection when in Nigeria, kindly visit here. In the meantime, read more on protecting yourself from the virus here.