Glaucoma The Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma is an eye disease or disorder that is defined as a characteristic optic neuropathy, or disease of the optic nerve, possibly, if untreated, leading to the damage of optic disc of the eye.
The resultant visual field loss due to lack of communication between the retina and the brain, which can lead to blindness.
In most cases, glaucoma is associated with higher-than-normal pressure inside the eye which If untreated or uncontrolled, it can cause peripheral vision loss and can then lead to blindness.

The most common type of glaucoma is known as “primary open-angle glaucoma”.

This type of glaucoma gradually reduces your peripheral vision without other symptoms which by the time you notice it, permanent damage already has occurred. It affects millions of Nigerians today without individuals knowing of its existence in their eyes and it is also the second leading cause of blindness in Africa.

How will I know I have Glaucoma?
Glaucoma, called the “silent thief of sight,” because most types typically cause no pain and produce no symptoms until noticeable vision loss occurs, However, glaucoma often progresses undetected until the optic nerve already has been irreversibly damaged, with varying degrees of impaired or permanent vision loss.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma, symptoms that occur suddenly can include blurry vision, halos around lights, eye pain, nausea, and vomiting. Visit Our eye clinic for diagnosis.