Health is wealth, a famous adage says, and it’s true. Gone are the days when people chalked up health-related issues to witchcraft. Today, everyone recognises that a full-body health check is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Even organisations provide health checkups in their staff’s HMO benefit packages.


A complete body checkup is a comprehensive health examination that includes a variety of medical diagnostic tests. It is a routine, preventive health examination of our body’s several essential organs for an early diagnosis.

It is crucial because of our fast-paced, unhealthy, and stressful lifestyles. Without it, many of us will remain unaware of pre-existing medical conditions in our bodies, or how to prevent the onset of diseases. And this can be disastrous, especially in the case of fatal diseases like cancer, where an early diagnosis could help prevent, or manage the disease and improve the patient’s life span.

Knowing this, and our commitment to improving healthcare in Nigeria through quality, and affordable diagnostics services. We have designed very economical, and inclusive full-body checkup packages. These packages not only allow you to enjoy a comprehensive checkup annually but are also tailored to be easy on the pocket, considering the economic lifestyle of the average Nigerian.

Thus, you can enjoy a corresponding full-body health check package, whatever your economic situation.

What health check packages does Afriglobal Medicare offer?

We offer six comprehensive health check packages for both men and women. They are

  1. Basic Package: This package allows you to get a doctor’s assessment, and a comprehensive health check on essential organs like your liver, kidney, heart, and others. However, it is not exhaustive of all tests.
  2. Standard Package: A step above the basic package, the standard package provides everything in the basic package with the addition of a thyroid function test, and HIV 1 & 2 Antibodies Screening test.
  3. Silver Package: Above the standard package is the silver package which is way more comprehensive, including an eye screening, dental consultation, PSA test (for men), pap smear, and mammography (for women), etc.
  4. Gold Package: As the name implies, the offering here is gold. In addition to all the tests provided in the silver package, patients under the Gold package can benefit from further tests such as echocardiography, stress ECG, CA-125 (Cancer Antigen-125), and more.
  5. Diamond Package: Together with all the tests in the other packages, our diamond package provides access to a chest CT.
  6. Platinum Package: This is the most expensive and comprehensive package on the list; it features tests like a CT-1 preferred study, and an MRI of the brain.

You should click here to see all the health check packages we offer and the individual test under each package.

Why should I book a health check package and not run the test individually?

It helps you save more, as the packages are discounted.

How to book any of our packages

Click on the link here, or send a Whatsapp message to 2348084295796 to book your desired health check package.

You may also walk into any of our health centres near you for immediate testing.