Our diagnostic services and healthcare packages can be tailored to your unique organization needs.

Tailored products and services for large corporations

We understand that the needs of corporate organizations are varied, often complex, and require integrated, adaptable solutions. At Afriglobal Medicare, we deliver flexibility, affordability, and access to high-quality care through tailored solutions that advance a wholesome health outcome.

We provide employees with diagnostics services to find the healthy balance they need in their life and their job – allowing them to stay healthy and bring their best to work every day, no matter where they are. And our comprehensive, integrated diagnostics services maximize value and affordability for our customers and clients.


Perks that come with working with us.

  • Innovative digital tools: Patient and corporate portal to ensure that the power is in your hands.
  • Dedicated client executive – For seamless onboarding and transactions.

Partner with us

We are a leading ISO-certified diagnostics Company.

Health and Well-being Solutions for Corporates

Whether your employees are in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, or elsewhere in Nigeria, we can tailor products and services to suit your company’s and workforce’s specific needs.

Our healthcare plan offers diagnostics care making employees feel protected. At Afriglobal, we look at the bigger healthcare picture and the full well-being spectrum for the all-around better physical health of our patients. With our range of pathology, radiology, cardiology, covid-19, and wellness solutions, we help you put employee well-being at the heart of your organization.

Building solutions that meet needs

With over eight years of diagnostics healthcare experience, we can support you in building health and well-being solutions that meet your needs and ensure your employees are in the best health before, during, and after their assignment.

With one of Nigeria’s most prestigious ISO-certified diagnostics facilities, we innovatively improve our products that enable our customers to access new medical techniques, services, and procedures, offering first-class health care services to help your employees and your organization to thrive.