A complete body checkup is a diagnostic scan of our entire body. A necessity for preventive vigilance and early detection of diseases, it is used to screen for any medical condition affecting our body without our knowledge.


If you are wondering why doctors and people in the health industry (aka us) are continuously trying to push you into making regular health checks a habit, it is because:

Complete body checkup
Shot of a surgeon looking at a monitor in an operating room

1. It allows for early detection

While routine medical checks can not prevent us from being sick, they are an essential pointer to any abnormality in the body.

Also, they protect us from suffering life-threatening diseases due to a delay in treatment.

2. It helps you save money

Don’t believe us? Think of the reduced health cost you prevent yourself from enjoying just because you insist on a symptom physically manifesting and affecting you before visiting the hospital. Think of the surgery costs, treatment costs, and medications you now have to buy to ‘cure’ when you can readily embrace ‘prevention’.

3. Monitors health and improves the quality of life

With a routine health exam, you are always aware of your health status and can identify when to adopt or drop habits that impact your health.

4. It saves lives

Truthfully, in the medical world, nothing kills faster than ignorance and diseases you do not know you have to treat.

How often should you run a complete body health check?

While opinions vary regarding the timing between routine medical checkups, we believe everyone should run a complete body check at least once a year.

However, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires regular monitoring, e.g., diabetes or high blood pressure, we advise you to carry out some testing more often than annually as frequent testing will help you monitor your condition(s) and prevent the further deterioration of your health.

Health check packages at Afriglobal Medicare

Currently, Afriglobal Medicare offers six complete body checkup packages from which your health can benefit. They are:

Package typePrice

From the basic health package, which offers about 17 investigations, to the platinum package, offering over 20 investigations, your health will inevitably benefit from a holistic investigation with us.

Is there any guide to the health package I should choose?

Should you visit any of our labs for a routine exam, an in-house physician can conduct a pre-examination and advise on the health package you should choose. This, of course, will be done with the aid of your past medical history, vaccination records, and current symptoms.

complete body checkup
Close up of a doctor doing a medical exam while both him and the patient are wearing protective masks

Alternatively, you can review the tests we offer under each package here.

How do I book?

Kindly click on any of the buttons above for a complete body checkup or benefit from our other test offerings. You may also call us on 016291000 or 016290998, and walk into any of our centers near you for prompt attention.

Till our next health blog,

Stay healthy.