Amazing health benefits of water intake
99% of your health problems would be resolved if you have been following these simple steps
Everyone knows that water is an essential component of life and has many health benefits, yet majority of Nigerians don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. Apart from the fact that it keeps your body hydrated and keeps your body temperature at bare, if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then you need to start taking more water.
What you should do:
1. Drink one liter of water once you wake up in the morning: it doesn’t matter if you brush your teeth or not, just drink it, the alkalinity of your mouth will help to dissolve the alkaline minerals inside your stomach.
2. After 40 minutes of your food, whether it is lunch, dinner or breakfast, drink warm water. This will dissolve fats contained inside your intestine.
3. Avoid cold water: Sometimes, it could be very tempting to take cold water and chilled soda drinks, but it is not entirely healthy for your body system. When you consume oily foods and drink cold water immediately, it solidifies the oil contained in the food, causing more fat, and this may not be healthy for you. keep it warm before drinking.
4. Avoid drinking water when you are standing. It is advisable to drink water when you are sitting than when you are standing. It causes troubles in the joint.
Key Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach
1. Improves your metabolism
2. Help rid the body of toxins
3. Drinking water Reinforces healthy weight loss
4. Helps improve your complexion and skin radiance
5. Promotes shiny, smooth and healthy hair
6. Strengthens your immune system
7. Prevents kidney stones and bladder infections
So, Lets discuss. Do you frequently default in any of the listed above? How has Early morning water intake helped you?