Let’s talk about one of our medical laboratory equipment Abbott Ci4100 and health test it does.

The Abbott Architect ci4100 Integrated system. The ARCHITECT ci4100 combines the ARCHITECT c4000 and the ARCHITECT i1000SR and offers us the opportunity to enhance efficiency and productivity in our state-of-the-art medical diagnostics services.

The ARCHITECT ci4100 Integrated System makes clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing easy by providing different types of testing in one integrated module.

Some of the test menus cover all immunology and chemistry panels:

Cancer – Immunoassay

Cardiac – Immunoassay

Drugs of Abuse/Toxicology – Clinical Chemistry

Fertility/Pregnancy – Immunoassay

General Chemistry – Clinical Chemistry

Hepatitis – Immunoassay

Metabolic – Clinical Chemistry

Metabolic – Immunoassay

Other Infectious Disease

Proteins – Clinical Chemistry

Proteins – Immunoassay

Retrovirus – Immunoassay

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – Clinical Chemistry

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – Immunoassay

Thyroid – Immunoassay

Transplant – Immunoassay

With our state-of-the-art diagnostics services, your test results are guaranteed to be quick and most accurate. Afriglobal Medicare, Inspiring Africa.